A Limited Time Only Update

Hello Everyone!

As you may have noticed Limited Time Only has been on and off a lot over its history. Going through co-hosts, consistent release days, and a constant change ion the content. Honestly the show just isn’t as good at Constructed Criticism either.

So we want to first of all apologize for putting out content that doesn’t meet the standards of the Constructed Criticism brand and then say that we plan on fixing this. We want to get on a define what Limited Time Only is. What will make us a different but equally great limited magic podcast in comparison to Constructed Criticism.

So we took the week off and plan on starting on a new schedule after meeting about the show and making decisions about its future. We want to make it what we know it can be. But we also want to know what you, the listener wants.

What do you need from a limited podcast? What will help you improve at limited in a way that can be done through audio content? What will be fun and make you happy that you spend 30-45 minutes of your day with us? Let us know! You can email suggestions to ccmtg.info@gmail.com or just leave a comment here or wherever you saw this post.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and joining forces with our listeners to create another great podcast that they look forward too each and every week.

Thank you so much for all of your support and we can’t wait to get this show to where it needs to be.

Spencer Howland

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