Super power rankings from OGW standard

For our last visit with these decks I’m not going to dwell too much on what the decks good and bad match ups are or what I do or don’t like about them. I’m going to focus mostly on what the deck can teach us about magic going forward.

5. B/R Dragons 20 points
By combining powerful disruption with early game pressure and powerful finishers this deck took midrange in an interesting direction by focusing a lot on synergy in deck building instead of average card quality like midrange decks traditionally exploit.

4.Abzan Aggro 28 points
By being one of the best decks for it’s entire stay in standard Abzan taught us not to reinvent the wheel but how to adapt and be flexible by attacking different problems with different tools but without losing the identity of the deck. 

3.Jeskai Black 34 points
The last hurrah of delve spells in standard Jeskai gave us a taste of legacy in standard, by relying on the cheapest spells mana can buy and using those to fuel insane card advantage and selection engines.

2.Aggro Company 35 points
Bant Company and its close relatives taught us that you don’t have to be good to be good enough. That being a worse version of the best deck can still make you the 2nd best deck.  The true meaning of friendship.  Why kids love cinnamon toast crunch.  I don’t know, it’s fine and probably better after rotation because there is no obvious deck for it to play second fiddle to. 

1.Four-Color Rally 62 points
Rally taught us more than anything that a game doesn’t need to be fun. But also that synergy can be extremely powerful and that just because  deck seems unconventional doesn’t mean it’s bad. 

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