The Future of the Constructed Criticism Network

Hello Everyone!

So over the last few months we have been adjusting the CCMTG, LTO and CKMTG podcasting and video recordings to deliver the best product to our viewers and listeners. The most recent decision was to go back to recording our audio separately and making it podcast first. We have quickly learned that this option is not viable for what we want to be doing for the show at this point.

This is due to where the podcasts hosts, and producers, and families of the show are at this point. We are happy to make it a patreon goal to both when we can devote more time to the show.

We are devoted to making the best podcast and best youtube content we can. So we want to focus on delivering an experience that all of the people who can consume our content can really appreciate.

So here is what we will be doing moving forward. All shows will be going back to live. But the shows will be written as a podcast rather than a video. This will allow the listeners of the podcast to have a near seamless experience while allowing those who consume the content live or on the youtube channel to still enjoy the show in the way they love.

This also will allow me the time I need to focus on writing shows and doing the things I am good at rather than spending hours it takes doing editing the way I used too.

I hope people will recognize what we are doing will in the long term benefit the show in the most ways and allow us to more easily focus on our goals and make the best show possible.

If you have feedback please feel to reach out to us as we are always willing to hear from our listeners.

Thank you so much.

Spencer Howland

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