Constructed Criticism is a weekly podcast dedicated to improving your Magic skills – especially in constructed play. We want you to get better through looking at your own game, week in and week out.

We also have a bi-weekly limited podcast called Limited Time Only. Where they have the same mentality about getting better at Magic: The Gathering only now through limited play.

We, the hosts, are PTQ grinders with a real love for the Magic: The Gathering. We have a very Spike and Johnny view of Magic and have learned a lot in our time playing. We launched this podcast hoping that we can share that knowledge with you as we learn it.



Our goal is to always have Constructed Criticism be free of charge but we want to give fans who think what they hear is worth something a chance to contribute. So we have set up a Patreon page where you can go to support the cast. You can find the page here at https://www.patreon.com/ccmtg


Want to Support the show while repping it at your next event? Visit our Swag page at http://www.constructedcriticism.com/swag/ and pick something up!


You can also donate to the show and website directly via Paypal. All donations are appreciated and are used to improve the content that we put out and all are appreciated. You can donate by clicking the button below.

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