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Spencer “The Heeze” Howland

Spencer is a PTQ grinder with a States win and a multitude of PTQ Top 8’s. Spencer started playing FNM’s around the time Zendikar came out, and fell in love with playing in tournaments. He quickly came to the PTQ scene with big eyes. Top 8ing his 2nd PTQ and never looking back.

Spencer has a real love for midrange decks. Qualifying for his first pro tour with his own RUG Midrange brew. He loves the amount of flexibility that playing that style of deck gives you. He hopes that this podcast will give others a tool to learn from that he did not have when he was starting to play competitive magic. 

Spencer is a huge sports fan. His favorite teams are Brigham Young University, The Utah Jazz, The Detroit Pistons, The New England Patriots, and what ever team Lebron James is playing for at the time. Spencer is happily married to a wife that he watches football with every week, and when he isn’t playing magic he is hanging out with her. His wife is a big Seahawks and Oregon fan.

Twitter: @spencer13h