The Constructed Criticism Network is so proud of everything that we are doing. But we know that what we are doing isn’t possible without our amazing sponsors. We want to dedicate a page to those Sponsors so you can easily find them and support the places that support your favorite Magic: The Gathering content.

Game Grid Lehi:

Game Grid Lehi does a great job of supporting players in the endeavors to be #AlwaysImproving in any & every way they choose. From running their $1k+ series to being a premier place to buy both Magic: The Gathering, & overall gaming products, you must check out gglehi.com to get to know this amazing sponsor. 

Podcast Codes for GGLEHI.COM:
Constructed Criticism: Coming Soon
Drafting Archetypes: Coming Soon
Common Knowledge: Coming Soon

Pure MTGO:

Pure MTGO is a sponsor for the entire network and we couldn’t be happier to work with them. Pure MTGO offers an amazing platform that helps creators be seen. You can write for PureMTGO too by heading over to https://puremtgo.com/