The Constructed Criticism Network is so proud of everything that we are doing. But we know that what we are doing isn’t possible without our amazing sponsors. We want to dedicate a page to those Sponsors so you can easily find them and support the places that support your favorite Magic: The Gathering content.


Untapped.GG is the number 1 MTG Arena plug-in for Constructed and Limited play. Giving you the info you need in real time to win your match, build your deck, and level up your game.  Use your favorite shows link to sign up, and support the show. 


Drafting Archetypes: 

Mana Candles: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1595513243/magic-the-gathering-gift-mana-candle-9oz

Mana Candles are:

  • Scented as fire, swamp, forest, etc. for an immersive MTG gaming experience
  • They come in all five mana colors
  • Made from additive-free soy and coconut waxes
  • We use only clean, IFRA-certified fragrances 
  • Each candle is hand-poured and decorated, so every candle is unique

Here are some details about our company:

  • We are an MTG-playing couple who started making candles for our friends for game nights to match their commander decks
  • We make these candles in the backyard with the help of our daughters, Pumpkin, Cake, and Bee (hence the name of our Etsy store)
  • You can find us on Etsy and Amazon by searching MTG Mana Candle

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