The Constructed Criticism Network is so proud of everything that we are doing. But we know that what we are doing isn’t possible without our amazing sponsors. We want to dedicate a page to those Sponsors so you can easily find them and support the places that support your favorite Magic: The Gathering content.

Oasis Games

Oasis is an amazing place to buy Magic The Gathering singles. They have been supporting the network since Episode 13 of Constructed Criticism and it is a relationship we couldn’t be happier with. You can support Oasis by ordering your next batch of singles from them by going to mtgoasis.com. You can get 15% off of your first order by using the code “ccmtg” at check out and 4% off of every order by using the code “wouldthatbegood”

Inked Gaming

Inked Gaming is your leader in MTG Swag. You can check out everything Inked has to offer at https://www.inkedgaming.com and use the code CCMTG10 at checkout.