2023 CCMTG Awards

Its year 2 of the CCMTG Awards and 2023 was a very special year for the show. We once again were lucky with amazing guests, and topics that will stand the test of time. Just like year 1 I want to take a moment to celebrate everting CCMTG in 2023.

The winners of the CCMTG Awards in 2023 are.

Guest of the Year:

We had more guests than we have had in years in 2023

Gerry T, Reid Duke, Dom Harvey, Ross, Jonathan Sukenik. I could be missing some to be honest. It was probably our best year of guests ever.

However there is a special episode that was the most shared episode of the show and for good reason.

Our episode with World Champion Nathan Steuer

Nathan shocked the listeners with one of the very best episodes of all time and some moments that convinced us to make shorts around the podcast and what we talked about because of his insight.

Thank you Nathan for coming on and congrats on your most prestigious win ever. Best Guest 2023 of CCMTG

Most Valuable Training Grounds:

From the moment of its inception we knew #TeamFundiesMTG would be one of our best episodes of the year.

Breaking down fundimentals into:

Attacking and Blocking 
Resource management

Is just what the listeners to hear to turn a 0 into a 1 (Thats an anime reference). Anime jokes aside this gave listeners a clear path of things to work on and to internalize on where are they at for Fundamentals in the game.

Best Segment: Training Ground/Main Topic

Last year the Always Improving segment kind of stole the show with many of them being longer than our main topic. This year while we had great improvements the main topics cut deep and inspired us to make a #CCBangers channel in our Patreon discord

Some of those highlights:
Episode 455: Solving Problems with Lateral Thinking (Submitted by Adrian)

This episode is the Abe special and one we could do even more episodes on (Stay tuned) where he gets to dive even deeper on how he approaches problem solving and saves time.

Episode 486: B&R Reactions (Submitted by Mikey)

This episode was exactly what it sounded like. We reacted and gave our thoughts on how to move forward after some high impact B&R updates

Episode 470: Numbers in Deck Building (Submitted by me! I wasn’t on it)

This episode is one that we had done before with the Hinderfather but I love it when we can revisit a topic with fresh eyes, and new people.

Episode 467: Picking Reasonable Decks

Are you a “Reasonable Deck Gamer”. Well you need to listen to this episode and let us know if you want T-shirts made. Picking a deck can be hard and this episode helps people understand the range of choices that can be made, and when to break a heuristic about deck choice.

These are just some of the highlights of amazing main topics we have and this I encourage folks to keep letting us know in our discord when you find them useful.

Best Episode Series: Mega Rankings

Back in years of old we would do power rankings every week with the SCG Tour. Today we wait and gather important data in key moments to brink the Mega/Power Rankings episodes to life.

Here is an example:

Each of these episodes takes a ton of work and brings the listeners data that they would have to find across different places, and it does it while bringing the CCMTG spin to it.

Want to know what a format is about and each deck. Tune into one of these bad boys before a shake up happens. While they aren’t our most timeless episodes they a the most full of data and info that we can deliver.

Most Valuable Cast Member: Heezy

I am not gonna sit here and pretend this doesn’t feel weird writing out. Because I work with two amazing people.

But this year the work that I put into the show, the patreon, the show notes, and beyond. I feel comfortable giving myself the nod.

That doesn’t mean that Mason grabbing guests off the cuff isn’t the dopest thing ever this year.

Or the crazy way Abe is able to fill whatever role on the show regaurdless of who is there isn’t impressive.

But as we approach 500 episodes and we finish a decade of CCMTG I would be lying to myself if I didn’t see the level of work I bring to this project, especially in one of the hardest years of my life.

That is it for 2023. What an amazing year for the show.

We can’t wait for what is beyond this 10 year anniversary and hope yall stay with us for 500 more.

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