Constructed Criticism Announcement: Spencer and MTG

Today is a sad day for me. But it is also a very very happy day. Because today I realized its time for me to quit. 
Probably not in the way you are thinking though…… 

Over the last few years I have had a real struggle with Magic: The Gathering. My goal in Magic: The Gathering has always been to improve and become one of the best players in the world. I wanted to play on the Pro Tour.

I have never once however been able to dedicate myself to that  since my wifed moved to Salt Lake City. Because she has always come first. Because I love her. Magic: The Gathering comes second to my family and as I have had a son it has become less and less important to me.

To add to that. Because of very fortunate situations for myself I also have started a new amazing job. A job that will set my family up for life if I work hard at it. And as I said my family is the most important. I still love Magic: The Gathering and I still love competing. But I love my family and I really do love my new job. 
But I also love my old job. Owner, Host and Founder of Constructed Criticism and Limited Time Only. So I am not leaving Magic: The Gathering. I am however going to change how I play. I am going to take a more “Adult” approach (as my brother might say) to the game.
I still plan on playing PPTQs every now and again. I still plan on attending as many GPs as I possibly can. But I won’t be a “Grinder” anymore. (And if I am honest with myself. I haven’t been since pro tour Origins). I am not going to take weekends away from my family just to grind a PPTQ that I honestly don’t really want to attend.I am going to dedicate as much as I can however into being the best host I can be of my shows. I will let Danny and Michael expand their role as “Expert” as I take even more of a “Host” role in the shows. I also have Mason taking over some of the website management which will give me more time to do my favorite part of this all. Writing the shows and watching it come together.

I want to dedicate the time I can play Magic into streaming or testing a deck for a friend, or playing in PTQs or GPs that I am excited about. I want to dedicate myself to my content and helping other make content that improve the magic community.

I hope that other players who come into situations like mine know that you don’t have to quit the game you love to support and be with the ones you love. You can still be competitive and you can still learn and grow.

I look forward to a new future in Magic: The Gathering where I can play when I want how I want and still have the new life I have come to love with my family and job.

Thank you as always for listening, reading, and watching.

And we’ll see you guys all next week.

Spencer Howland

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