6 Years of Constructed Criticism An Open Letter From Spencer Howland

“Hello Everyone!” Almost 6 years ago I started Constructed Criticism to help PTQ grinders improve at Magic: The Gathering with myself and my co-hosts.

We were trying to make a place where people could join us in our goal to be #AlwaysImproving, and come to learn about the constructed formats of Magic: The Gathering all on their drive home or on the way to their PTQ.

Along that journey we all qualified for our own Pro Tours, and shared the lessons we learned along the way. From QJ winning his first PTQ, Matt Top 8ing his first GP, Michael getting Silver, to Casey and I winning RPTQs we all put in the work and got rewarded. I feel so lucky to have shared those moments of success and growth with our listeners.

I have gotten to work with AMAZING people. Mason, Jon, Seth, Manny, Trey, and all the guests we had along the way. From Jon Finkel to PVDDR, we the greats and always tired to focus on what people do that helps them get better at this game.

However my time has come to an end on this show. For a while now I haven’t had the drive I want to have in competitive Magic. I haven’t wanted to achieve new things and break new ground for myself in meaningful ways that I believe translate to the best show for the listener. For that reason I am stepping down as the host of Constructed Criticism and will be looking for a new host to take over and bring the show to a new era.

I will always be so grateful for every single listener, every comment left, every kind word at a GP or SCG, every card or playmat I got to sign along this journey, and every memory made. You all made my life better in more ways than I can ever express. I am a better player, friend, father, husband, competitor, and overall person because of this show.

I will never be able to express enough gratitude for how the message of this show has been embraced by thousands of people. So from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Much love

Spencer Howland

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